Soli is a well handled gelding and is an uncomplicated ride he was born in 2001. Soli is 15.2 / 157cm he’s looking for his forever home and although he still needs to put on alot of weight he is working most days short periods of time and is getting stronger and fitter all the time, he enjoys his work and he is very gentle.  For more details contact: Hannah 662 026 300.


  1. Gillian Pearce

    He is beautiful does he get along with mares? I have 2 mares and a license to keep 5 equines, we have 3 stables and paddock. I have over 30 years experience. I’m considering adopting a rescue equine if circumstances are right ie that they get along with my mares.

  2. Anonymous

    Good morning Gillian, please do contact Hannah on 662026300. She is the person that is schooling him and will be able to answer any questions you may have. I know he is good with other horses/ponies and has been kept with different mares while his has been at Arch. Thank you for contacting Arch . Regards Arch Team.


T: (+34) 656 935 613
Alhaurín el Grande,
Málaga, Spain

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