At our Rescue Centre just outside Málaga we not only provide respite and rehabilitation for every equine we rescue from suffering, but also seek to promote the concept of proper equine care and the importance of humane equine treatment.

Most of our rescued horses, ponies and donkeys arrive with injuries, both physical and psychological, and we have been confronted with some horrible and challenging cases. Oftentimes it is due to negligence and a lack of education on the part of their owners that these animals have found themselves without the love, respect and quality of life that every living being deserves.

Once at our centre, most show remarkable powers of recovery and forgiveness, and it is due to the care and patience of our volunteers that they can be rehabilitated and happily re-homed. Those who adopt our animals also deserve a big vote of thanks for giving a forever home to our beautiful equines.

We try to ensure that your adopted animal is suited to your needs and you to theirs.
There is a charge for an adoption which covers the charity’s costs and we will ask you to sign an adoption contract, as well as keeping us up to date with the animals progress.

If you feel you can offer one of our equines a wonderful new home please complete the Adoption Information form and Steffi will be in contact.

Please be aware that if for any reason the adoption does not work it is a condition that you must offer the horse/pony or donkey back to ARCH so that we may try to find another home. We ask that you do not sell, gift or euthanize the animal without our knowledge, so that we may keep tabs on all rescued animals.
If any adopted animal is considered to be ill-treated or abused, we will insist that it is returned to ARCH.