Horses, Ponies & Donkeys

At our Rescue Centre just outside Málaga we not only provide respite and rehabilitation for every equine we rescue from suffering, but also seek to promote the concept of proper equine care and the importance of humane equine treatment.

Most of our rescued horses, ponies and donkeys arrive with injuries, both physical and psychological. We never cease to be amazed and horrified by man’s capacity for cruelty.

In many cases it is due to negligence and a lack of education on the part of their owners that these animals have found themselves without the love, respect and quality of life that every living being deserves.

Several of the equines we have taken in over the years were blind through being shut in dark stables. Many horses and donkeys are found starving, abandoned or neglected. Most show remarkable powers of recovery and forgiveness, and it is due to the care and patience of our volunteers that they can be rehabilitated and happily re-homed.

Those who adopt our animals also deserve a big vote of thanks for giving a forever home to our beautiful equines.

Horses, Ponies and Donkeys looking for Adoption, Fostering or Sponsorship

Almost all the equines who come to our Rescue Centre seek loving new forever homes with people who can give them the care and attention for the better life they deserve.

Please see below for the photo galleries and details of the equines in our care, past and present.

What is the difference between adopting and fostering?

ADOPTION – this means that you will become the new owner of the horse, pony or donkey and be fully responsible for its care and will provide it with a “forever” home.

FOSTERING – horses and donkeys that are fostered are still owned by ARCH, but a temporary home is provided to the animal whilst we either wait for a court case to be resolved or whilst we seek a suitable permanent adoption option. By prior agreement ARCH may continue to be responsible for vet care, farrier and feed costs.

If you would like to talk to us about adoption or fostering please contact us or visit the A.R.C.H. Facebook page

If you would like to support our residents through sponsorship please contact us through email or telephone.

If you feel you can offer one of our equines a wonderful new home please complete the adoption information form and contact Steffi Kersten for Re-homing via email to: