Rihannas story

ARCH were alerted to Rihannas plight by the owner of a small dog rescue centre in Granada province. Marisa told us of a bay mare who was in great pain from apparent laminitis and needed urgent help. Seprona were involved and the Agricultural Offices as her papers were not in order and it required much head scratching and intervention from our vet Rocio, who had accompanied us, to issue new travel documents to everybody’s satisfaction. With Seprona leading we drove up country to find the mare. She was in a sorry state. Emaciated and clearly in pain from her forelegs. Rocio administered pain relief to help her with the long journey back to ARCH.

Upon arrival it was clear that this beautiful big bay mare had bad infection in both hooves and was in urgent need of the farrier to cut her overgrown hooves back. Over the next few weeks we soaked her hooves in hot water and dressed them with antibiotics , put boots on her to alleviate the pain and had daily visits from the vets. On cleaning out her hooves it was discovered that she had a sharp flint stone growing into the bone of her leg, causing a massive infection.

We were not able to control her pain and requested a visit from Jose Mendez, the equine surgeon, with his portable Xray machine. The result was devastating. The infection was too serious to be treated and the best thing was to put Rihanna to sleep.

RIP Rihanna. She was only with us a short time but we all loved her for her gentleness and courage




About our Sanctuary

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