For some months ARCH had been in touch with Juan (names changed to protect identities) who was feeding and watering a pretty bay mare. She was tied permanently to a tree and her alleged owner only visited her occasionally so she was always thirsty and hungry. Juan would have bought her to give her a better life but the “owner” refused. But when the bad weather came last week there was a problem… she gave birth to a foal on one of the worst nights of the winter. Juan called ARCH in distress. Immediate action was needed. We knew that the foal could not survive with no shelter and the mare was badly dehydrated so had almost no milk. Seprona acted swiftly and the mare and foal were scooped up and brought to safety. The foal was hypothermic and the mare badly dehydrated. Tucked up in a warm dry stable with unlimited hay and water they soon recovered. A week later the foal needed antibiotics for a bad cough but has now recovered his energy and we hope he is well on the road to recovery.