After the annual El Rocio pilgrimage earlier in the year ARCH were asked to take two horses that had been taken by the authorities. The bay mare, Charita, was confiscated having been found to be ill treated, the grey gelding, Colino, had been abandoned. Both spent some months in livery stables waiting for their paperwork to be sorted and finally arrived at the Centre last month. The two are gentle and laid back and have settled in well. We will be looking for suitable homes for them in the near future.


The newest arrival at the Centre is a 13-year-old grey gelding known as Copito de Nieve (Snowflake), seized by SEPRONA having been found living illegally in someone’s garden in Jimena de la Frontera.  He unfortunately has some very bad melanomas (a common occurrence in grey horses here in Andalucia) but our vet thinks they may well be treatable and in view of his relative youth we are going to speak to the surgeon and get a specialised opinion. It will, of course, be an expensive procedure to remove them so we will have to consider carefully whether the funds will be available to help him.  Meanwhile he is happily sharing a paddock with little Peanut and enjoying his food and attention.