Little Tess Mpofu from Alhaurin el Grande ran a marathon in February.  The five-year-old completed over 42 kilometres in stages over several weeks to raise money for her favourite animals.  Tess chose ARCH (The Andalusian Rescue Centre for Horses) as one of the two charities she wanted to support because she loves horses and wanted to help “horses who don’t have homes and are rescued or injured”.  She came up to the Rescue Centre on a Sunday morning to donate half of the sponsorship money and was welcomed by volunteer Karen and little Curro the pony.  She is also donating to the dog charity Almas de los 4 Patas “run by a lady who helps the dogs who don’t have homes” (Tess’s family have two of their own).  An amazing achievement for a little girl who would like to be “an animal doctor” when she is older.