SEPRONA contacted ARCH about the dire need of several horses dying of starvation in Malaga. This was one of the worst cases we had encountered and there was no one else for SEPRONA to turn to. Although the Centre is full to bursting we felt we had to help, offering to squeeze in four of the most needy cases and reaching out to Caballos Luna in Seville to help with the others.

Four mares arrived in darkness, one down in the lorry. Volunteers and our vet have worked tirelessly to stabilise them. The weakest mare sadly died three days later, just too damaged to survive.

One of the others is heavily pregnant. The remaining three are being given all the care we can give, on a strict diet to help them back from the edge of starvation.

The rest of the herd “disappeared” before Caballos Luna could remove them to safety. Thankfully SEPRONA had already checked and logged their details and microchips so that they threatened heavy fines if they did not “reappear”. Unsurprisingly they were “found” the following day. With them was a small pony which ARCH have also taken in as there was no room on the transport to take her to Seville.