Recently we received the sad news that our little Valiente had died after a severe bout of colic.
The story of Hope and Valiente touched many hearts. These two young Welsh ponies – still only babies – had been confined in cramped and dark conditions for a long time. Valiente’s hooves were so bad that he could not walk, Hope had lost most of her vision.
Their rehabilitation was a long and painful road and, once they had healed physically, the pair were still suffering from mental and emotional problems after their ordeal. Valiente, in particular, was very damaged and aggressive around humans. Fortunately Claire Waldron of Positive Horse Training stepped in and took the pair to the Cortijo de Segura where they had freedom and space to heal and live a normal life.
The two ponies had a strong bond for several years until Valiente transferred his affections and it was felt that blind Hope was not safe without his protection. She came back to ARCH while Valiente thrived with Claire and became a great favourite with the family and visiting students.
He will be sadly missed. But at least he was given a second chance.
(And Hope? Well she went to England and is enjoying a happy life with new companions.)