The Rescue Centre has just taken in more apparently abandoned animals found running loose in the campo just to the north of Malaga. We were full before, now we are full to bursting and can take no more in until we can rehome some of our existing residents.
More frequently now we are faced with older animals whose health issues make it difficult to find them new homes. We get plenty of hopeful enquiries from people wanting to adopt “a riding horse” (and even more optimistic) a horse that could jump or do dressage. So many of our rescues are only suitable as companions because of lameness or age. Yet these still have so much to give and have wonderful temperaments despite being misused or discarded because they are “of no use”. It is sad to think that they are “thrown away” like old clothes and that owners no longer take responsibility for animals that have shared their lives and given so much to them.
Our latest arrivals are a bay gelding (we have named Bruno) and a grey mare (called Canela), both are older and both are lame. Both are beautiful to look at and have the most gentle and loving temperaments. They have obviously been together for some time and are totally bonded.