Four years ago a severely malnourished and scruffy young mare arrived at ARCH, in such a bad condition that our animal rights lawyer Aritz Toribio used her case in his internet seminars to show the extent of animal abuse. He called her Princesa in the hope that her future life would merit the name.
Princesa gradually thrived at the Rescue Centre. Good food, veterinary attention and lots of tender loving care transformed the scrawny youngster into a healthy and pretty girl. She then went to a loving foster home with one of our long-time supporters, where her companion was another ARCH rescue. (Until court cases are resolved it is only possible to find foster homes for our rescues, though many go on to be formally adopted once the paperwork is in order.)
ARCH always prosecutes abuse where it is possible. We (and Aritz) have waited four long years for justice for Princesa. Last month, finally, the case came to court after several false starts. The former owner will now be serving a jail sentence and is banned from keeping animals. And ARCH have also been awarded the substantial costs, underlining the victory we won recently when the Provincial Court ruled that costs should be awarded in such cases.
And Princesa has found a home for life where she is treated like royalty.