Palmera is the first of a number of new rescues at the Centre. Our “quieter” time was, as we suspected, short lived. This 16-year-old PRE mare was subject to a “no movement” order and the man who had her was caught trying to smuggle her from Spain into Portugal. The police in Huelva confiscated her. The authorities in the region had no protocol for dealing with confiscated animals and generally sent them for slaughter, but our animal rights lawyer Aritz has been working closely with them and ARCH can now step in to save lives. She is in reasonable condition, apart from her hooves which are in dire need of our farrier Jaime, and she is suffering slightly from laminitis. Obviously used for breeding – hence her shaved mane and tail which are growing out – we don’t know for certain whether she has been ridden. She could also be in foal, only time will tell!  She is a quiet girl and is getting friendlier by the day.

Palmera before she travelled to ARCH, where she is looking far more relaxed.