ARCH followers will remember the horrific case of the grey stallion we named Pirata. Abandoned and left to die in agony with serious wounds, he was discovered near the body of another horse in a remote part of the Rio Grande. Sadly, we have been unable to trace his owner (Pirata had no microchip) to bring him to justice for his inhumane treatment.
Pirata had many months of rehabilitation but is now ready for adoption and a new and loving home. His eye has healed perfectly, and his sight is not affected. The vet hospital in Cordoba successfully treated his botched castration and his penis. He is a lovely character, easy to handle (though he does tend to get over-excited around other horses) and can be ridden lightly. He really deserves a second chance after all he has been through. Use the Contact button to get in touch with Steffi if you think you may be able to help him.