Duque (Duke) and Curro are looking for a home, ideally we would like to keep these two small ponies together as they are firm friends. Both were rescued from very bad situations but are now rehabilitated and would benefit from finding a permanent home with a loving family.
Duque was shamefully neglected. When he was confiscated from his owner his hooves were curled over like ram’s horns and he was underweight. His plight made the local papers, and he became something of a celebrity with Sunday visitors. He is not a young pony but is healthy and very affectionate, an ideal companion for very young children to learn about horses. He could be ridden very lightly by smaller supervised children on a leading rein.
Curro is an even smaller pony, also quite elderly. He was rescued by ARCH several years ago after being attacked by dogs and left for dead. He had extensive injuries and almost lost a leg, so cannot be ridden. After rehabilitation he was rehomed here in Spain but sadly his family had to relocate and could not take him with them, so he returned to ARCH. He is very gentle and also loves attention.
Both ponies could make wonderful family pets. They are used to children leading and grooming them. If anyone is interested in adopting either, or preferably both, please fill in the adoption form from our website with your details and Steffi will contact you.