A sad trio arrived at ARCH recently, victims of appalling neglect and abandonment. The two grey mares were confiscated by SEPRONA and had obviously been suffering from a lack of care for many years. The elder mare, whom we have called Melanie, is 20 years old. Her eyes are clouded, and she has extensive melanomas, internally as well as covering the surface of her tail and underneath. These were bleeding and untreated. Apparently, her owner kept her as “she breeds good foals” (no doubt every year). The younger mare is 16, her papers called her “broken legs”. She has an old injury which has healed, leaving her totally lame and unable to straighten her front leg. We have named her Olympia. Once again, we are faced with horses who have a gentle nature despite their cruel treatment.
The third member of the trio is a 29-year-old mule, named Relojera (Watchmaker!). Her original owner says he sold her to someone who did not update her papers and she was then passed around until she was eventually tied to a tree and abandoned. Riddled with fleas and lice, with a staring coat and stiff legs, she is in need of a summer clip. She is currently sharing a paddock with our matriarch donkey Mercedes and the two old girls are chilling out together.
What the future can hold for these three is uncertain, but they will get the care they immediately need at ARCH.