We try to move our rescues out of the Centre once they are fit and healthy enough, so they can enjoy wider spaces and can get adapted to a “home environment” with a view to a later adoption. It also means we have room to accept more needy animals.
Lovely old Corrie has been doing so much better lately. She has started to put on a little weight and had endeared herself to most of the volunteers with her kind nature. It will obviously be some time before she can be rehomed, but she has been lucky enough to be offered a temporary foster home with our long-standing supporter Tina Roscoe. She is now enjoying a life of leisure in the green springtime grass which will hopefully make her fatter! She is sharing a field with Fabuloso who is still living with Tina and still thriving, transformed from the sadly neglected oldie we rescued.
And our little Saltarin has been adopted and gone to his new home. We were sad to see him go as he is such a super little character, but we could not wish for a better future for him. He will have a little human to love him (who has renamed him Prince) and another small pony as a companion – followers might remember ARCH rescue Gucci (now Pickle) another tiny skewbald. It looked like love at first sight!