Our newest rescues have benefitted from their time at ARCH and are looking much better than they did on arrival earlier this year. Veterinary care, good feeding, grooming and loving attention have made a great difference to their lives, as have the safe and peaceful surroundings of the Centre. We are now beginning to see their true characters.

Torero (pictured above). This once magnificent palomino stallion is regaining his beauty. His coat is starting to shine, his eyes are bright, and his ribs are less prominent. He is now back at the Centre and has been castrated. Our vets will treat his damaged penis once he has gained some more weight. This will entail a major operation and a stay at the vet hospital in Cordoba This lovely boy is 23, has obviously had a hard working life but enjoys human company and is good to handle.

Campano (above). This large grey gelding (22) is a great character and very full of himself now he is feeling better. Assertive and curious, he loves attention and is very friendly with humans (and he needs a chain on his gate as he Is clever at escaping!). Like many grey horses he has melanomas under his tail, and he also has ligament problems in his hind legs which means he cannot be ridden.

Castañito, an aged bay gelding, born in 1992, has a lovely gentle character. He has gone out in foster to our long-time supporter Tina Roscoe who is generous enough to take in our oldies for their golden years. He has love and companionship and an undemanding life.


Duddy Navajuelo. An impressive name for this 11-year-old grey gelding, who is blind in his right eye. He is very alert, has gained weight, and his coat is looking much better. Obviously used to being ridden, he has gone to a local riding centre where he will be used for children and have something to do.

Guillermito. Our little mule is only 7 years old. He has now been castrated and is sharing his paddock with our elderly mare Olympia. He has not had a lot of sympathetic handling so is quite shy and does not trust people yet.

Rociero is happily sharing his paddock with our aged Fabiola. This old boy is a delight and much loved by ARCH volunteers.

Catalina has now had her remedial shoes removed and her feet trimmed again.  She is walking so well barefoot that we are hoping she will not need any more shoes. She thrives on attention and will make a wonderful family pet.