Pirata has been staying with our vets for the past five weeks, receiving 5-star care and daily treatment. Thank you Rocio and Andres for all your dedication and hard work. He is now looking, and feeling, a great deal better than when we found him, facing a certain and very painful death. It is, sadly, not unusual to find elderly horses abandoned, nor is it unusual to be unable to trace and prosecute their heartless owners. Pirata is around 20 years old. We have no information on his companion who had already died.
The good news is that he was considered well enough to come back to the Centre this week. More good news is that he will retain some vision in his severely damaged eye, previously this was very much in doubt. The less good news is that he appears to have the same problem with his penis as our beautiful golden Torero who will be going up to the veterinary hospital in Cordoba next month to have the necessary surgery.