We are heartened and relieved that finally the new animal rights legislation appears to be taking effect. This week there was a landmark conviction in the fight against animal abuse, thanks to the tenacity of our animal rights lawyer, Aritz Toribio and a caring and well-informed judge.
Back in January 2019 ARCH were called by SEPRONA, along with “El Refugio de Burrito” and “Caballos Luna”, to assist in the rescue of a number of horses, donkeys and mules from a horse dealer in a small town north of Malaga. Live animals were living with dead and dying ones in appalling conditions. In pitch black and freezing conditions, by the lights of heavy machinery – a digger was needed to get the animals out – the attending vet likened the scene to Dante’s Inferno.
Justice has now caught up with the accused. He has now been prohibited from keeping or having anything to do with animals for eight years. He has to pay the charities involved their costs over two and a half years, with a heavy jail sentence if he defaults. Ownership of the animals was granted to the respective charities. Our lawyer considers that “This is the most important ruling prohibiting the ownership of animals ever seen in Spain. We should be proud to have achieved it. Thank you ARCH and the Refugio del Burrito for your work and dedication. Even though we encounter many setbacks in our fight against animal cruelty we should focus on all the animals who have and will continue to have a new life thanks to us.”
ARCH took in three small ponies from the rescue. Thankfully, they had not been there long, and their condition was not giving cause for alarm. The trio, who were named (by ARCH followers) Dinky, Dusty and Gucci spent several months at the Centre until we were able to get permission to allow them to go into foster homes. All three have thrived and we are hopeful that they now will be officially adopted by their foster families.
It is ARCH policy always to prosecute abusers. Sadly, it can take many months – sometimes years – to bring a case to court, but with the relatively new legislation hopefully it should be less of a struggle.