The Rescue Centre is often contacted by the local police when there appears to be an abandoned horse or donkey in the area. Even though our resources are severely limited at the moment and the Centre is full, we never refuse to help.
One such incident occurred last Sunday – no day of rest for ARCH volunteers! There was a report of an apparently abandoned bay mare tied to a fence. In cases such as these it is never clear whether the animal has actually been abandoned or whether it has strayed because the owner has not taken sufficient care. SEPRONA were not on duty on Sunday, and it looked as though the mare would have to stay where she was until Monday, when she would be taken to the pound at El Paraiso. ARCH, once again, stepped in, arranged transport, and brought the mare to the safety of the Rescue Centre.
The mare’s owner was eventually traced, and the mare returned. We receive compensation for our expenses, but our time and effort have to be given freely – for the sake of the animals involved. It is a sad fact that many owners just don’t care sufficiently for their welfare.