In September last year ARCH were contacted by Malaga police about an apparently abandoned and injured horse in a remote mountain area. We managed, with difficulty, to find the mare and bring her back to the Centre. Her injury was so severe that even our vet, the usually optimistic Rocío, was doubtful whether we could do anything for her. Her shoulder was swollen with long-term infection, and she could put no weight on one of her front legs. Fortunately, X-rays revealed that there was no fracture, but the wound was deep and there was muscle damage. Draining the wound was a painstaking and painful business, the mare was such a star that Elly named her “Angelica”. At six years old she had obviously been well handled and otherwise was in good condition. That she had been abandoned to die in such pain defied belief.
Once the wound had healed Angelica needed constant physiotherapy to build up the damaged muscles. Slowly she started to become sound. Earlier this year it was apparent that she was becoming bored and was ready to have a more active life than we could offer her at the Centre. Angelica went to a local riding centre where they discovered she had a talent for jumping. She is now taking part in competitions with her equally talented young rider.
The pair came over to the Centre to take part in the filming of the TV programme “Todo Caballo” to show how ARCH can turn life around for an abandoned and abused animal.