It has been a challenging time, particularly for our horse carer Elly Brooks, whose dedication and expertise have been invaluable. Both horses and humans have been fighting hard. The weather has not helped, with heavy rain turning the paddocks into sticky mud slides. Our wonderful vet Rocio has been coming every day and there are some hopeful signs.
We had to confine Zingaro in his shelter to avoid his slipping over and damaging himself still more. The deep-seated infection is being drained out of his wound and he is now getting intensive physiotherapy to straighten out his leg and avoid contraction of his tendons. This is having an effect and he can now move the damaged leg and weight bear for short periods.
Fabiola has also been kept in while we treated her lice to avoid her scratching herself raw. Elly has to clean her tracheotomy every day as there is a serious risk of a lower respiratory tract infection with this type of surgery and she is a very old lady. There are signs that she can breathe through her nostrils when she is standing still, though she struggles if asked to walk.
It will be a long and slow road for both, but we are cautiously hopeful ……..
Many thanks to everyone who donated towards our appeal for Zingaro and Fabiola and to all those well-wishers who have sent us messages of support.