Volunteers at ARCH were sad to say goodbye to little Storm, our donkey baby who had captured the hearts of everyone he met. But he has been adopted into a wonderful home locally with lots of space and knowledgeable humans to bring him on. And better still, he was adopted along with his mother Juanita Banana and his granny Pastora, so our little donkey family has stayed together.  We are certain to get lots of updates on the trio, who are going to be very loved. Storm is already learning new things and exploring his new environment with a special new friend.

We love seeing photos of our rehomed rescues, it makes all the heartache and effort worthwhile. Recently we have received pictures of several ARCH horses who are now looking wonderfully well and settling into their new lives.  Winnie, who was born shortly after her mother Esperanza was rescued from violent and abusive gypsies, went to Germany early this year and is obviously thriving with her very experienced owners in her new environment with green grass and lots of space.

Ambra, rescued along with Askara who is now in Sweden, is now living with her daughter Sorpresa (Sissi) and Stefi has started her training down in Chiclana. She is coming on in leaps and bounds with the individual attention and looks very relaxed being ridden.

Stefi has also started work with Alegria who was a very pathetic looking youngster when she arrived at ARCH. Look at her now, having matured and what a wonderful mane!