For the last three years Elly Brooks has been in charge of horse welfare and rehoming at the ARCH Rescue Centre. She has been instrumental in helping the charity grow and has consistently worked to her very high standards. Elly has been involved with an amazing variety of rescues, including the very worst cases and some of the saddest ones, as well as helping many to find new and loving homes. Her knowledge, professionalism, sense of humour and sheer “grit” have won the respect and friendship of all the volunteers. She is now returning to the UK (together with her Border Collie, Flash, who had also become an integral part of the Rescue Centre) but promises to return in the winter months to see us all.
We are extremely fortunate to have found Steffi Kersten to take over from Elly. Steffi has been involved with ARCH for quite a while and brings her valuable skills to the Centre. She has been in the horse world for many years and in several countries, is a qualified farrier and a talented photographer. She speaks fluent German, English and Spanish and is familiar with many of the procedures here in Andalusia. She has already been “thrown in the deep end” with several crises and is still keen to stay with us! She is looking forward to meeting volunteers, many of whom came to Elly’s leaving party