Our work did not stop during lock down.  Liberdad (Liberty) was confiscated by SEPRONA in Huelva along with an emaciated galgo (greyhound), who has been saved by a local dog rescue. At two years old this filly was unused to a halter and it took a long time to get her loaded on the lorry (so long that the local Guardia complained they got sunstroke!). She was covered in fleas, lice and tics and her feet needed attention. We were originally told to expect an uncastrated colt, but we can only assume no one looked very closely as it turned out she had an untreated umbilical hernia! She had this successfully operated on and we are hoping she will soon go out to a foster home until her court case comes up. She is young and has not had a good start in life so needs to learn that not all humans mean her harm. Hopefully she will become another ARCH success story in the future as she has the potential to become a really beautiful mare.