Very often horses arrive at the Centre with no papers or details, others have green cards but no names, so we have to choose something suitable. When an emaciated grey mare arrived earlier in the year, confiscated from an owner who had previously allowed horses to die of starvation, we named her Alondra which is Spanish for Skylark. She was suffering from a large and untreated sarcoid behind her front leg and a smaller one on her flank and had obviously been neglected for some time.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters we raised sufficient funding through a Facebook appeal to pay for her surgery and she came back to the Centre to recuperate. Working with Elly, she proved to have a lovely temperament, despite her ill treatment (so often the case with these forgiving animals) and was obviously used to being ridden. Recently we have found her a home locally, where she has settled happily and is much loved.