We recently received some beautiful photographs of one of last year’s rescues in her new home. Facebook followers might remember the five-year-old grey mare who was confiscated by SEPRONA from her abusive owner early last year, just before the first lock down. She was badly undernourished (allegedly the owner had allowed two other horses to starve to death) and had a large and untreated melanoma behind her front leg.
She had no name, so ARCH called her Alondra which is Spanish for skylark. Like so many of our rescues, she had a lovely character despite her poor treatment.
Alondra went to stay with our vet Rocio where her melanomas (she also had a small one on her flank) were removed.
After several months of rest and recuperation at the Rescue Centre, she was adopted and went on to a different life. Her new owner has now relocated back to Denmark and Alondra is living the good life in green fields, thriving and much loved. Another success story for the ARCH files!