August 10th. We have three new rescues at the Centre who arrived on Saturday evening. They had been roaming loose on waste ground around an area in Malaga and the police had been receiving complaints from residents that they had been in gardens and near roads. They had no food or water and their owner is apparently in prison.The Policia Local called ARCH and asked us to take the horses but they could not catch them and had to enlist the help of their mounted division. It was a case of the cavalry to the rescue and they managed to put them in the police stables until we could collect them. The police described the ex owner’s stables as “Dantesque” and he has been denounced for animal cruelty.

The two mares are 7 and 8 and the small pony is 19. All are in a reasonable condition, barring a few surface wounds and are friendly.

They have settled well and this morning they had their first experience of ARCH Sundays, with plenty of well-deserved pampering.