Bailadora and Askara

Both of these lovely mares have now moved to Sweden to they forever home With a lovely lady called Sophie.
Bailadora came to ARCH in a poor condition her feet were long and her coat dull . Bailadora was not trusting at all, after many months of work with the Arch team she is now a happy mare and enjoying people again. Hannah re-schooled Bailadora which took many hours of patients love and care.

Askara came to ARCH with a broken nose and many old injuries on her body including a damaged hip. after a very long and expensive operation Askara fully recovered and has put on condition. Askara loves people and is so friendly.

We will up date from time to time with photos of Bailadora/Askara and they new life.



About our Sanctuary

ARCH comprises a group of international equine enthusiasts dedicated to the welfare and protection of horses and donkeys. Each year we rescue, rehabilitate and re home animals brought to our facility.


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