“How can anyone do this to an animal?” It’s a question animal charity volunteers have asked for too long – and, sadly, continue to ask. There appears to be no end to the cruelty that some people are willing to inflict.
This week ARCH received an emergency call from SEPRONA in Malaga. A dog walker had come across an injured horse in a very bad way near the Rio Grande. ARCH volunteers sprang into action, organising veterinary assistance and transport. The Centre is full but in cases such as these there is no choice but to act immediately.
“This is one of the worst cases we have had to deal with” commented ARCH President Jill Newman Rogers. “The horse had obviously been dumped in a remote area without access to water (the river is completely dry) and on investigation a second horse was found dead nearby. “
The unfortunate animal was in an advanced state of dehydration, suffering from a massive infection from what appeared to have been a badly-done castration and a severely damaged eye. He must have been in incredible pain for several days. He is now with the ARCH vet as he needs specialist care. It is not yet clear what his future holds.
In cases like these ARCH would dearly love to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice. However, it is unlikely that this can happen as the horse has no microchip and the owner cannot be traced. Someone, somewhere, must know who is responsible but it is doubtful that anyone would come forward or that any allegations could be proved. We are left with a deep anger and frustration. All we can do is hope our resources can stretch to helping the poor horse who will need expensive veterinary treatment and aftercare if he is to survive the ordeal.