“At two years old and almost completely untrained, Libby needed to mature somewhere that could give her more space and interaction with other equines than we could offer her at the Centre. Physically she was coming on well, thanks to the special food kindly supplied by our sponsor Saracen Horse Feeds. She was filling out and her coat was beginning to shine. Her umbilical hernia had been repaired and she had recovered without complications. Elly was teaching her some basic manners and she was responding well. But we felt she would benefit from more individual attention than our limited resources could provide. So it was ideal when we were contacted by Claire Waldron of Positive Horse Training near Granada. Claire was looking for an unhandled youngster to bring on and work with her students, and offered to foster Libby for us while her legal position was regularised. Claire has previously rehabilitated two of our rescues, the Welsh ponies Hope and Valiente and we knew she would take good care of Libby and give her the time she needed. So Libby has travelled up to the Cortijo de Segura where she is settling well.

Members of the ARCH team will be visiting her in the coming weeks.” Claire has sent us this video of her in her new home. https://www.facebook.com/positivehorsemanshipspain/videos/321593288876102/?t=6