We love hearing about our rescues and how they go on to loving homes after what are often traumatic experiences. We had a message recently from a lady in Ireland about a small Shetland pony we rehomed many years ago.
Bonnie came to ARCH in the early days of the charity and was adopted by an English woman as a companion pony, subsequently going to the UK as a first pony for her grandchildren. Once the children lost interest, she lived a quiet life as a companion until she was adopted some four years ago by Elizabeth Oakes who brought her to Ireland and told us her story; “I have five kids under 6 and Bonnie was nearly 20 so I thought she would fit in perfectly with our family. My eldest son at the time Harvey who was 5, got really interested in mounted games so we brought Bonnie along to see if she liked it. Up until this stage Bonnie really only walked and barely trotted and just loved being groomed and loved. Well anyway, roll on a few mounted games training sessions and OMG, Bonnie turned into a zooming machine!!! The fitter she got the faster and more competitive she became, everyone used to talk about Bonnie and Harvey as she was the smallest pony, and he was the youngest rider in all the competitions. We spent all last summer competing at various events and had the best fun ever. Many thanks for all you do in your rescue, without your support and devotion we definitely would not have the amazing pony that we have.”

It’s a heart-warming story as Elizabeth adds, “We love Bonnie so much, she is absolutely spoilt rotten and she spoils the kids in return. She will be with us forever.”