Sometimes there are sad stories at ARCH. But there are also happy ones.
One of these is the story of two mares. Camilla, 20 years old and starving, came to ARCH last year, having been abandoned under a bridge in Chiclana. After veterinary care and good feeding her condition improved immensely.
Her friend Candela, also in her twenties, originally came to ARCH in 2018 after she was confiscated by SEPRONA, starving and in dreadful condition, having been rented out for the annual pilgrimage of the Candelaria. She recovered well at ARCH and went on to be fostered at a local riding school where she was a great favourite of the children. She came back to ARCH at the end of last year as she needed a quieter life in her old age.
Both elderly ladies were ready to leave the Rescue Centre, but finding homes for older animals who can only be ridden lightly is never easy.
Then one of those little miracles happened. Two ladies from Fairy Tails, a local centre for equine therapy, asked if ARCH had any suitable horses they could use for children with special needs. Horses are immensely sensitive animals and can build a bond with children who find it difficult to connect with other people. Quiet, elderly animals who can be ridden lightly and enjoy being handled and groomed are ideal.
And so, Camilla and Candela have been adopted. They are perfect for their new lives and, as the photos show, are very much loved!