It’s been a sad time at ARCH. Our beautiful young stallion Zingaro was put to sleep early one Monday morning. We knew when he came to us in early March with the horrific wound in his shoulder that the outcome was far from certain. We were warned that there was extensive nerve and muscle damage and that possibly the infection could damage the bone. But we felt we had to try. Since then, Zingaro and all the ARCH volunteers have been fighting hard to save him. We have consulted with several vets and Rocio has been on constant call at the Centre. Elly, who took him to her heart, has spent countless hours caring for him and doing physiotherapy exercises. Recently, however, it was apparent that he was losing condition and stressed. His wound (which had apparently healed early on) burst open with a massive infection. As a last-ditch attempt to help him the infection was sent for analysis and sadly the result could not have been worse. The strain of bacteria was resistant to all the antibiotics we could try. The vets all agreed that there was nothing more we could do for him.
A lot of tears were shed over our lovely boy, who was not only beautiful to look at but had the sweetest nature. Despite our grief we will battle on at ARCH, as there are many other rescues who demand our attention. So, we move on, while keeping Zingaro in our memories.