It’s quieter at the Centre (for the moment, we don’t expect it will last!) as we have seen a few departures recently.  Our lovely Snowy, who has been with us for many months will be missed by our volunteers (here Sheila is saying goodbye to our lovely boy). After his operation to remove the largest sarcoid from his tail he has been much more comfortable and life has been rather boring at the Centre – although he has perfected his trick of opening gates (we have now lots of chains!). He proved to be a great little riding horse so has gone into foster at a local riding centre where we are sure he will enjoy the activity and find lots of new fans. Should his condition worsen, he will return to us.

Carmelo, the white donkey came to us in reasonable condition, having spent some time in a dog pound after he was found abandoned. He has been adopted and gone to a lovely home in the campo along with another donkey as a companion (so important for donkeys not to be kept alone as they are very social animals).

The two mares who arrived recently had no names so we have called the larger Gaviota (Seagull) and her companion Chispa (Spark). They have gone “on holiday” to join our lovely Moni and have five-star care and training while their paperwork and legal position is regularised.

When rescues come in to us in poor physical condition or with mental or emotional problems, the peace and attention they get with us is beneficial. But once they are fit and healthy we try to move them on to somewhere with more space, facilities and stimulation, freeing up our paddocks for further needy cases. Not all can be formally adopted. Many are subjects of court cases which take many months (some years) to be resolved (even before the restrictions of Covid-19). So some go into long or short-term foster in approved homes where we do regular checks and follow-ups.