Many of the cases we deal with occur because people have no knowledge of how to care for horses or donkeys
Meet our newest rescue – a gorgeous little six-year-old pony with spectacular chestnut and white colouring. We were contacted by SEPRONA in Motril who intended confiscating him as he could not walk due to the length of his hooves, which had obviously never had any attention. He was in good health otherwise and had been well fed but, unbelievably, his owner considered it was “normal” for his hooves to be curved like horns.
Several members of the ARCH team drove up with the trailer the next day to collect him, negotiating precipitous roads into the mountains. We were by now extremely concerned about the pony’s welfare since the owner had decided to cut the hooves with an angle-grinder (the power tool which makes that excruciating screeching noise when used to cut tiles). He was under the impression that this would solve the problem and allow him to keep the pony. SEPRONA (who had taken the photograph above the previous day) disabused him of that idea and he was signed over to ARCH.
When asked what the pony was called the owner finally said “Manchita” (a female name for a gelding?). From his papers we discovered that he was actually called Saltarín. The little chap lives up to his name as he jumped in and out of the trailer with great enthusiasm. Fortunately, he does not appear to be too lame after what could have been fatally damaging treatment. Rocio, our vet and Jaime, our farrier, will hopefully be able to rectify any problems this has caused.
Saltarín is happily pottering around at the Centre and is not too unsteady on his feet. He has the most delightful character and is proving a hit with the young ladies, particularly his new neighbour, Ida.