Our hard-working volunteer Leon recently wrote the following, which resonated with everyone involved in our charity work.  We thought we would like to share it with everyone.

It is sad, because every day we are reminded of the cruelty and indifference of humans.
It is uplifting, because every day we are reminded of the caring and compassionate people who give their time and energy to make a difference, however great or small.
It is to be reminded of the duality of existence.
Life and Death. Sickness and Health. Despair and Hope.
And like night and day, man and woman, grief and jubilation, the two can never be separated.
The one defines the other.
We are reminded that love makes the world go around and we are then made painfully aware that money talks.
The ups and downs are a roller coaster that we ride, but let’s be honest, it would be a boring ride if the roller coaster was flat.
It’s the stomach churning revulsion of festering wounds and the inspiring tales of potential sausage meat turned into beautiful champion companions.
It is hard. It is rewarding.
It is a daily struggle for existence and a life well lived.
It is the community of people that restore faith in humankind.
When you support a charity, it is not just the lives of the recipients that you support, it is the hearts and minds of the people that give whatever they can give to make sure it continues to exist and function.
If you work in a rescue centre and you ever find yourself in despair, as so often we do, remember always the other side of the coin.
Balance comes from understanding the duality of the light and the dark, and with balance comes stability.
We can’t always give everything we want to the rescue centres, but we give what we can.
Support your local charity shops, centres and fundraising events, we need the money as much as we need the love.
Your community will thank you in ways that you never expected.