Senador is seeking sponsorship!! No, he’s not running a 5k to raise funds for ARCH, it’s not that kind of sponsorship.

The vast majority of the horses that come into our care are able to be fully rehabilitated and find wonderful new homes. It’s an unfortunate fact however, that occasionally we have a horse who needs to remain in our care for the longer term. Senador is a tall, handsome fellow with a very kind nature. He is only in his early teens, but due to poor care and being confined to a very small stable for most of his life, he has some physical problems that mean he cannot be ridden.  Another side effect of his many years in solitary confinement is that he forms a very strong bond with any horse he lives with. Sounds lovely, but unfortunately the flip side is that he suffers dreadfully from separation anxiety if his friend goes out of sight. This means that he is not ideal as a companion for a ridden horse, as he cannot be left while the other horse goes out.. All of this leads us to the conclusion that he is likely to remain with us here at ARCH for the longer term..

He is a big boy and eats a LOT of food!! The cost of this is considerable, so he is seeking some lovely people to sponsor his meals! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for Senador, please message us for further details. He’s a wonderful friendly boy and would love to be groomed and fussed by his sponsors if they wish to visit him. Click the link below if you feel you could help him.

If you prefer to sponsor him in £ sterling we have a UK bank account. Details below:

NatWest sortcode 60-01-17  Account number 46547568  IBAN: GB66 NWBK 600117 46547568  Account: Horse & Donkey Rescue Spain