The ARCH team would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has donated to our appeal for these horses. The response has been amazing and, with your help, we can work towards giving them a good life. They have been with us for two weeks now and are enjoying regular controlled feeding and the tranquil atmosphere of the Rescue Centre.
The mares and the foal are doing well, getting less shy and putting on weight. The donkey was never a real problem and she is very happy with other donkey companions.
The old stallion was very weak after prolonged neglect. We put him in a separate paddock to stop him stressing over his mares. He had a bad bout of colic over the first weekend and discovered that his innards were full of gravel, presumably because he could find nothing else to eat.  A few days later he went down with another serious bout of colic. This time we were unable to save him, he was too weak to get up and was in considerable pain. All we could do was to end his suffering and give him the dignified death denied to his other mare and her unborn foal. He was not with us for long but had captured the heart of everyone with his gentle nature. It is a sad fact that some of our rescues have been so neglected when they come to us that love and attention cannot repair the internal damage. We hoped for a miracle but sadly it was not to be. R.I.P. a lovely soul, so sorry we could not save you. At least you knew some love in your last days.