Some months ago we were approached by SEPRONA in San Roque, who were pursuing the case of a large dealer’s yard full of apparently starving and neglected horses and donkeys. We offered our support, as we always do when approached by the Police. Recently they have been able to act and confiscate the animals prior to prosecuting the owner. ARCH have now taken in two of the horses. (The Refugio del Burrito has put out an appeal concerning the donkeys and mules involved and the remainder of the horses have been taken to safety.)
The two mares, who arrived on Friday just before the latest lockdown, are named Corry and Frontera. Corry is a Breton in her early twenties, a heavy-set and gentle girl. Frontera is only five and appears to have recently lost a foal (probably due to starvation). Both will be assessed by our vet Rocio and will now get plenty of care, attention and proper feeding at the Centre.