Earlier this year ARCH were involved in the high-profile rescue of severely neglected horses, donkeys and mules from a dealer’s yard near San Roque. We took two mares – Corrie and Frontera – who have recovered well. A short time afterwards we were again approached to take a further two horses that the same dealer had hidden in another location – blind Izcar (who is now enjoying life near Madrid), and Caramelo. who is still at the Centre, with a long-standing hoof injury. Now three more have arrived at ARCH – a one-eyed gelding and a mare with a six-month old mule baby. The trio had been running wild for over a year, having been turned out in a huge area where they had plenty of food and water but no human contact. Catching them and transporting them to the Centre was no easy task! All were not only extremely nervous but also infested with crab flies and ticks which had to be treated before they could be unloaded. They are now safe in one of our paddocks and we hope that with time they will settle down and start to reconnect with people.