It would seem that the miracle we were hoping for has happened and Angelica is on the road to recovery, thanks to the veterinary expertise of Rocio and the devoted nursing of Elly. This young mare has patiently endured painful treatment to drain the deep-seated infection and has been an absolute star throughout. It is obvious that she has been well treated and is affectionate and comfortable around humans. She was not in bad condition when she was rescued, had obviously had plenty to eat and her hooves were in good shape. We will never know what prompted her owner to abandon her to a painful and lingering death in the mountains.
Angelica’s wounds have now closed after a hefty course of antibiotics, together with a topical application of honey. She is weight bearing on the injured leg, walking more freely and has even managed a trot across the paddock. Now she needs ongoing physiotherapy to help the damaged nerves and muscles. Neurotherapists Agnes and Hugo from Animal Balance Therapy have been treating her and she is much more animated and energetic. Elly has been doing pole work and her leg is becoming more flexible each day. 
Angelica is only six so has a lot of living to do and hopefully we will find her a loving home. After what she has suffered she certainly deserves it.