It takes a special kind of horse lover to offer a home to one of our elderly rescues, knowing that their time will be limited. Sarah and David from Coin are two of these special people. Last year they took in 30-year-old Murana as a companion to their much-loved and lonely gelding Tino. Maisey, as they named her, spent many happy months being cossetted and loved after a hard life. David recalls how sad and shut down she was when she first arrived and how the twinkle came back into her eyes and her character blossomed. When the inevitable happened and she passed on a few weeks ago, both agreed that they should offer to foster another of our rescues. When they visited the Centre they immediately fell in love with the beautiful Zamorita and her gentle nature. This lovely mare, blind in one eye, had ongoing hoof problems and possibly an old muscle injury, which was making it difficult to get her sound enough to ride. She will now enjoy a relaxing life in a peaceful finca where there is a huge paddock, a soft sandy surface and an older man to take care of her (Tino is now 20 years old). She is already smitten with her new companion.