When Amanda arrived at the Centre last summer she was in a sorry state. This 23-year-old mare was skin and bone, having been tethered out and virtually abandoned. SEPRONA in Huelva had contacted our animal rights lawyer, Aritz Toribio, to ask whether ARCH would be able to take her. Her journey was a long and frustrating one because of lock down restrictions and our intrepid driver, Salvi, had to negotiate several roadblocks and deal with the Guardia.
Over the next few months Amanda received the ARCH brand of care and attention. She has gradually come back from her skeletal state and is now a healthy weight (at one stage we thought maybe she was pregnant, but thankfully not!).
Last week she went to a lovely foster home in the campo where she will have a loving family to look after her and plenty of green grass to eat. Another oldie, who was written off, will have a life to enjoy.